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Note: There are changes in the C++ installation instructions. See the installation chapter in the C++ tutorial for details.

Note: There are changes in the C API. See the C tutorial for details.

Version 1.2.18, uploaded October 25, 2015 –

Binaries for Windows 32bit (73918 downloads )
Binaries for Windows 64bit (49208 downloads )
Binaries for Linux 32bit (Intel/AMD) DocxFactoryLinux32.tar.gz (2711 downloads )
Binaries for Linux 64bit (Intel/AMD) DocxFactoryLinux64.tar.gz (10065 downloads )
Binaries for Mac OSX Coming soon
Binaries for HP-UX (PA-RISC) Coming soon
Binaries for Oracle Solaris (SPARC) Coming soon
Binaries for IBM AIX (POWER) Coming soon

See the tutorial for installation instructions.

Source files and build scripts planned to be released soon.